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It was a cold winters night in the middle of the city. I just came home from the office and after a hard day, I just wanted some warmth and wine. All was quiet as it was near midnight except from my racing mind. I was in need of some relaxation. Fast.

As I turned on my fireplace the reflection of my tired body on the mirror behind me gave me an idea... What if I put on my black lacy lingerie and slowly do a mirror show just for me. 

The warmth was so inviting and the wine so smooth I started to sway in the sound of my moaning and humming... Just as I was getting high on the rhythm someone started to knock. Really, now! I ran to the doors and opened them. Just when I wanted to shout at the intruder, I looked up and saw a perfect stranger. He was perfect in every way. Oh god just don`t let him say something stupid and ruin my moment.

After some time he smiled at me and asked if he can join my private party. I didn`t think twice, just pulled him inside.

Could this be my lucky night? Where did he come from? Am I stupid to let some stranger in so easily? The thoughts ran through my mind like crazy but then I felt something hard coming from behind. He leaned on my shoulder and whispered: "I saw you from my window and thought you would like some company. " The sweet smell of his body and the softness of his breath made me bend my spine to the max. I just turned around and looked him in the eyes. Oh the sparks... We could not hold it any longer all the flames bursted out in the open and our bodys just knew how to dance to the rhythm of a fireplace crackling.

He pushed me on the ground and started nibbling on my neck. He tasted my skin and wanted more...His tongue was on my breasts, hands on my hips, faster and faster. I felt warmth coming from my lower body and juice dripping from my pussy. It just got nasty. I could not wait anymore. I grabbed his head and sat on his face. Twisting, turning, riding...what a pleasure. I came in a big bang.

Now it was his turn. He grabbed my hair and pulled it back. As I tried to scream from the pain he stuffed my mouth with his cock. He was moving like crazy and there was no stopping him. My throat was filled I could hardly breath. When he had enough, he spinned me around, threw me on the table and slipped into my pussy. The feeling was fucking amazing. That was a big strong man that knew what he wanted. His hands were busy grabbing my tits and rubbing my clit. Faster, harder...It was hot as hell and still he did not stop. Next thing I knew I was on the ground again. Facing down he grabbed me from behind and started licking my pussy. Fingers, tongue all in. Again I felt my "bang" is coming soon. I shouted: “Not yet!" He did not want to hear me, his eyes turned dark and at that moment I felt something new. His fingers started to penetrate my ass. Interesting.... It hurts but it hurts good. The hell with it. I was so horny at that moment he could tore me apart and I would still like it... The fire was burning and so were we. Bodies wet, tired, lustful... I am cumming for my "BANG" Oh the sweet relief I felt. He pulled his cock out of my ass and pushed it into my mouth. A few seconds more and he came so hard the cum bursted out of my mouth like a was all over my mouth, dripping down my tits ...

After we gained some strength and refreshed with some wine, he made gently whispered to me: "Ready for round two?" ...

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Finally the holy grail Sensatia. In the tunnel I choose to take a women with me, something new to experiance on the way. She could be very helpfull to get me the ultimate prize, The insatious plesures of Sensatia.

When we unlocked the doors and entered into the deep dark castle it instantly lit up it`s colours. It was glorious. The nights in gold satin over and over. Hot wet bodies laying on top of each other, pleasuring themselfs with all sorts of props a human eye could only imagine to get a glimps of. At the middle of this carnal pile there was a fountain pouring gold velvet like liquid that was so alluring I had to have a taste of it on my hungry aching body. It was like a seductive ambrosia reserved only for me to take and own it.

The temptation was to great for me to handle but I had to resist a little more. I called out for my companion and pushed her right in. I had to see what it does. At the touch of this gold wave she turned into a luscious goddess with long gold hair, legs that went for miles, breasts and pussy so tight you can only imagine. My body jolted like it was just struck by lightening and I heard myself moan. She was there to ravish and taste. As I grabbed her legs and spread them wide I smelled the sweetness of her crotch it got me high before even sticking my tongue in her wetness. Before I knew it my face was plunged in her pussy, nibbling it, licking it, taking it all. She arched her back and I reached under her ass and shoved my face deeper into her. She spread her legs even more and I gladly obliged her with three fingers, thrusting in hard while I nibbled her nub. I heard her breathing quicken, she was moaning and grinding her pussy in my face. Her long gold hair fell back and the only sound that was heard was the sound of her climax. The sound of the beautiful siren that was coming hard all over my face, squirting her sweat nectar into my mouth. Aaahhhh the taste of ambrosia just got me wanting more and more. 

She wasn`t enough. I had to satisfy my thirst with something hard, big, strong. As my goddess was squirmed beneath me I invited the first stiff cock in my surroundings straight to my mouth to harden it some more. I needed it like the air that I breathe. In every stroke the men was moaning more and more. Everything got hotter more profound and all that I wanted in that moment was to bathe my wet body in this gold velveting wave rushing from the fountain. It was calling me..This men was not enough. As soon as I touched it I turned into a gold siren singing her song to lure all the ones in need. Only one body to warm my hungry soul was not enough. I needed all of them to serve my needs.

I discovered the secret of Sensatia and it was fucking great. All of your dreams come true just by touching this golden nectar.

Soon there was a sea of stiffness and wetness surrounding me in the mist of carnal lust. There were hands all over me, touching my breasts, rubbing my pussy, licking and nibbling me. The feelings were sensational. I sat on a men`s face beneath me. His tongue was ferocious and he devoured me...licking and sucking until my juices were all over his face. The golden nectar from the fountain was pouring down my breasts, straight to his mouth, mixin it with the taste of my pussy juice. My fingers ran through his hair and with a gentle touch, he licked and played with them, pushing his fingers inside me I felt a weird sensation, a pressure like nothing I had ever felt....the pleasure from what he was doing with those fingers... his tongue on my clit. I could not take it anymore. I had to come. Now… It was like an enormous hurricane rocking throughout my every bone. But my lust got even stronger.

A few seconds latter I grabbed another cock and rushed it strait to my soaking wet muff… it was sooooo good but not enough. I needed another one in my ass and some more to feel around me. The thirst was growing every second. My hips were moving in all directions, my head was spinning and the two inside of me were fucking hungry for rubbing my tight wet holes. As I watched this carnal savagery around me I felt my own pleasure taking me to the edge...I had almost come but another hungry, sturdy arms lifted me and pinned me down to a cock so big and hard it almost made me blackout from pleasure. He spinned me quickly, his cock was glistening with my sweet pussy juice and he climbed on top of me. He grabbed my arms and held them down as his huge cock found its way to my tight hole again and again. It was so thick it filled every inch of me. He pounded hard, his mouth were devouring my tits. I could hear our skin slapping together with each stroke...then he said in the most seductive voice I had ever heard: »Come for me.« His breathing was quick and I could hear him moaning as he pounded me harder and harder. My hips rose to meet him with every stroke. He gave one last thrust and he grinded his cock into orgasm was so powerful. It started in my pussy and felt as if it extended into my entire body as a river that floods over the stream. It was a total unstoppable rush of pure sex adrenaline. This sheer pleasure consumed me completely. I heard this familiar voice again: »Don't stop... oh god… don't... make me come… inside of you.«. Seconds later he let out a long moan and I could feel his hot cum mixing with my own. I had a hard time catching my breath. My body felt like I had just climbed on top of the highest mountain and took a breath of the finest ambrosia mixed with the sense of spunk.

Sensational in Sensatia…

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As we strolled on the path the little elf appeared again and this time the hint was even weirder. She said: »Glow little light glow, make my fucking mind blow.« Fulfill this challenge and soon you will enter the land of Sensatia. But beware, only the two most persistent will taste the sweetness. Pufff and she was gone. We were left with for dildo like lamps and a lot of unfulfilled lust…


Quickly we ran to the end of the path into the tunnel. I could alerady taste Sensatia.


The tunnel was dark, moist and the walls were reaking of carnal encounters. It felt like some kind of fatal attraction to the unknown. I was getting excited just standing at the edge of this tunnel and breathing all this new environment in.


TThe darkness soon got the best of us. We had no clothes, no shoes, no light, just the touch of our fingers on each other. It was enough to get us started. The courage and lust stepped in and I started to use this ambient in my advantage… make my head blow and make the light glow. This is the place for women to get in charge. I slowly took the hand of a person next to me and lead it to my pussy. The whisper of my voice: »Come inside of me.« was bouncing of the walls creating that luscious pleasure sound. At that time my pussy leaked so much juice it hurt. I had to fell some stiffness inside of me. Now. A second later I heard a moaning sound as something slipped inside my gash. It was a sound of relief and the beat just joined the rhythm of my hips. My legs were spread wide and the only thing I could think about was the taste of the climax I was getting to. Just as the pounding got harder and faster the light in my hand started to glow.


This is it, the stronger I come the more it glows. This just got interesting.


My hands were inviting everyone to join, now I was able to let all my demons out and fuck like crazy. Quickly I took one cock in my hands licking it from the top all the way to the back door and pulled the other one directly into my pussy. The other girl just stood there amazed and dazzled by all that was happening around her. She quickly joined the party, grabbed the pink dildo light and proceeded to shove it in her hungry pussy. As the sensation got stronger she rode that light like crazy.


Meanwhile I grabbed a cock that was in my mouth, hard and rigid, pulled it from shaft to head and got to my knees without losing a stroke, free and living my fantasy riding the wave of pleasure. My light started glowing like crazy and I was moments away from the finish line. 


The bitch next to me was looking so hot and horny I just couldn`t stop staring. Finally I reached up to her and pulled her into my game. My fingers worked their way inside her, fingering her pleasure hole right there on the moist tunnel floor. Her cunt dripped and the ecstasy rode straight through her body. I slowly worked my magic around her clit and dug my fingers deeper into her. A little press on the G-spot and she rode my fingers like crazy. She came hard, squirting like crazy.


Now it was my turn to add some light. The two sturdy luscious cocks that surrounded me just had to do their part. I jumped on one and started to ride it like crazy. The other one penetrated my ass. Now there were two inside of me rubbing against each other. The bitch joined and started to feel my pussy. This just added fire to the fuel…Her fingers were pinching my breasts, my clit. It was just outstanding and there it was… I came so hard the light bursted in flames and so did my wet pussy. The juice of relief could flood the tunnel it was that fucking good.

The challenge was finished, my head was blown and so was the light. At a glimpse of the eye I caught an elf throwing two keys at my feet… it was up to me to choose who to take on a final journey to Sensatia...

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Little forest elf appeared out of nowhere and gave us a hint: »Only the ones that can take the most heat will enter the tunnel. « She gave us some straps, mushrooms, four lamps and disappeared into the mist of the morning sun. Only four lamps? There was six of us. What did she mean »the most heat« we were already down for anything and it was hot as hell as it is. But then we decided to try something we never had before… Have an epic orgy. 

We used the straps as a blindfold, chewed threw the mushrooms and soon we stared to bleed sex out of us. Everything was dizzy and feverish so we started to tear our clothes off and touching everything around just to enlarge out sex thirst. It was a rush not knowing who you are getting off with, with pure pleasure. One by one we started taking off our blindfolds to enjoy the full view. There was heat and it was only getting hotter. As I was laying on my back getting my pussy licked an drilled I grabbed the first cock that was the nearest and started to pull it into my mouth. The guy moaned and got hard as a rock. Slowly I stared to rub him with a sturdy grip licking him from the bottom to the top. It was an explosion of feelings, filled in every hole, it was a fucking rollercoaster of rush. And then it hit me, the most heat. Yeah the pleasure was enormous and hard to resist but to enter the promise land I had to step up my game.

The one that was doing me had to stop or I would come hard and at this time this was not an option. I grabbed his head and pulled him up behind me. My legs were spread wide and my pussy was so wet I just could not wait anymore, I had to feel him deep inside me. As he entered me the world started spinning it was so good and primal. His fingers were rubbing my clit, his other hand took my hair and pulled it back so hard I felt his every move. It was a wild ride.. he came a like a volcano…his jizz was everywhere like he was trying to bathe me with it.

Now off to the next one. I had to even the score so there would be two couples left. The bitch next to me was in so much heat I just could not resist but to help her get to the finish line.

My mind was blown when I started to eat her tight wet pussy. Fingers deep, rubbing, pulling, moaning I just went completely wild. All the others stopped and joined us. There were hungry arms all over me. Now I was the bitch in heath. Time to make her come. Hard. I grabbed the first cock I felt under my arms and quickly rushed him inside her like it was mine. He started to move in and out, deeper, harder, quicker… it was time to stop this madness so I helped him a bit more to get her off. I sat on her face so she could put her tongue inside my pussy and get me started some more. As the men was on the edge of eruption I started to lick her so hard she could not resist anymore and came like a hurricane. The final drip of her pussy jizz revealed a path that only the most resistant four of us could enter.

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Once upon a time…

We decided to get our group together and go exploring some old tunnels below the medieval haunted castle on a secluded place only a few have entered so far. A place called Sensatia. It is supposed to be haunted and can only be seen by the ones in need…

Our journey began on a hot summer morning and we were all just dripping down our sex juice. So exited before we even began…

Through the thick forest there was a path we were ready to take just to get to the promise land. But it was not easy. Just to get a glimpse of the castle we had to fulfill our first challenge. And so it began the games with no limits for the prize so alluring we could not resist.

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